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I am pleased to introduce you to the food I feed my dogs- Mountain Dog Food- MDF !
I chose MDF as I wanted a balanced, pre-prepared raw food from an established Canadian company. MDF is an Edmonton based family owned and operated company that has been producing raw pet food since 1997.

The owners are dedicated dog lovers and breeders of Bernese Mountain dogs.  Their commitment to sourcing and producing only the highest quality food and the care they have taken to researching a well balanced diet is
second to none!

Mountain Dog Food contains just raw natural ingredients!

MDF food is produced and frozen fresh daily!  Meat is from inspected sources-  comprised mainly of backs, meaty frames, left from the deboning process- then ground (bone-in) or left whole for those that prefer to feed whole raw meaty bones e.g. chicken backs.

For the meat /vegetable/fruit mixes; the meat is mixed with a vegetable & fruit mixture containing 70% meat and 30% veggie/fruit and then frozen in forms. Includes carrots, celery, apples, yams and dehydrated alfalfa.

Just thaw and serve!

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The amount you need to feed depends on the age of your dog, their activity level and
whether their current weight is appropriate.

It is important to weigh raw food so you will know how much you are feeding your dog each day.  Your dog’s daily portion of food may be fed in single or multiple meals.

TIP- calculate the weight of a daily portion for your dog, following the guidelines below.
Then weigh out that amount of food using a scale.  Thereafter you can “eye ball” the size of
that portion and not have to weigh the food at each feeding.

Active Dogs –  3% of the animals body weight
Non- active Dogs –  2% of the animals body weight
Puppies – 4- 5% of their body weight 

What if I want my dog to gain or loose weight?

Calculate the weight you want your dog to change to e.g. go from 50 lbs to 45 lbs – then feed the % recommend for your dog (per the guideline above) but calculated at the new weight.  For example – if you want your currently 50lb dog to loose 5 lbs-  calculate his % on the basis of 45 lbs.

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