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Always be learning!

The best trainers and dog owners that I have met have a thirst for learning new skills and knowledge they can incorporate into their interactions with their dog.

The following books and reference sources are offered as a starting point for you. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but represents some of my favorite learning sources.


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bullet The Loved Dog by Tamar Geller - My favorite book!

A must read for learning positive reinforcement training techniques and how to incorporate these into your day to day training and interaction with your dog - from puppy hood through to adult dogs!

bullet Cesar's Way by Cesar Millan

All Cesar’s books are terrific – however my must read choice for all dog owners is his 2nd book
“Be the Pack Leader"

bullet Dog Training for Dummies by Wendy and Jack Volhard

A great book of practical tips on a wide range of training needs by renowned trainers and the creators of the most used puppy and dog temperament test. You can complete the test on your dog and then learn how to adjust your teaching approach based on your dog's profile.

bulletDon't Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor

Written by the "guru" of canine clicker training, this book is a comprehensive review of the philosophy, principles and practice of clicker training.

bullet Dr. Ian Dunbar

-acknowledge training and behaviour Guru-
I recommend selecting any of his publications – with his book Dog Behaviour as a starting point (published in 1979)


Canadian Kennel Club-

Canada's official pure bred dog enthusiasts club and breed registration body.

Dogs in Canada, published by Apex Publishing, their monthly magazine, offers a wealth of information oriented to pet owners on health, training, nutrition, dog sports and local events.

Apex Publishing in conjunction with the CKC also issues the annual puppy buying reference guide - Dogs Annual.


Looking for fun stuff to do with your dog? There are probably as many dog sports out there as you have energy to put into them!

Water Work for Portuguese Water Dogs
E-mail me at for info on this sport Or to register for one of my water trial training classes or seminars!

  • Obedience - traditional, rally obedience and freestyle
  • Agility
  • Fly ball
  • Field trials
  • Therapy Dogs & Community Service
  • Dock Dogs

The CKC Breed Club directory and Events Calendar is a good source for information on many of these events. Visit the CKC website at or call at (416) 675-5511

OR - Google any of the dog sport types listed above and you will find your way to someone who conducts these
events in your area.


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